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Robbie Cote

I was born and raised here in Slave Lake. It gives me the pride to call Slave Lake my home town and it feels good to be able to share my passion for health and fitness with the people of this beautiful little town.

Three years ago a friend of mine and I made a “who’s going to get abs first” bet. After a month of at-home workout videos and doing the same thing every day I was getting a little bored, that’s when my friend approached me with a Groupon for CrossFit. Neither of us had any idea what CrossFit was but being a guy of adventure and curiosity I agreed.

I have always liked to think of myself as an athletic, fit guy. Well…after attending my first class of CrossFit I realized I had some work to do! It was tough and intense yet fun and intriguing. The people were amazing! It had a real community feel to it, I knew I had to go back. The next day the WOD (workout) was completely different and left me sweating on the floor with a huge smile on my face. I looked around and there were eleven other people doing the same. It was great! Who knew that it would set a fire within me that’s continued to grow since that day.

CrossFit was unlike anything I tried previously. It’s forever challenging and the encouragement and support you get from fellow athletes is like no other. I knew that this was something I wanted to continue and it eventually became a dream of mine to open my own Box (CrossFit gym). What better place to do this than my home town, a community of strong resilient individuals.

When this dream got a solid footing in my mind, I set out and did what I needed to do to have the skills and knowledge it would take to teach, instruct, and coach others. I drove down to Salt Lake City, Utah to acquire my CrossFit level 1 certificate and then moved to Vancouver for three months where I spent each day shadowing and learning from other CrossFit coaches. I was even more certain after all of this that I was on the right path. I enjoy the energy, community, and atmosphere of a CrossFit gym as much as I enjoy the WODS and the results of the WODS.

Now here I am with my own Box in my home town. I’m excited and so looking forward to showing future East Shore Athletics athletes what so many people have become passionate about.

Who’s an athlete you ask? Anyone willing to try it out and become a part of it! It’s an amazing feeling to watch people better themselves and to see the pride in their faces when they achieve personal goals. CrossFit has changed my life…now I want to help change yours! Take the leap and sign up for a free No-Sweat Intro today!

Founder of East Shore Athletics